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Student Life

Student Government


Student government is comprised of five officers (chaplain, president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) and one  representative from each of the junior and senior high classes. The chaplain, president and vice-president must come from the junior/senior class. All student activities and fund-raisers are coordinated through student government with the approval of the administrator.


Girls soccer vs. NMC

Fall Sports

  • Girls Volleyball
    • Elementary (grades 4 - 6)
    • Junior High (grades 7-8)
    • High School (grades 9-12)
  • Boys Soccer
    • High School (grades 6-12)

Winter Sports

  • Girls Basketball
    • Elementary (grades 4-6)
    • Junior High (grades 7-8)
    • High School (grades 9-12)
  • Boys Basketball
    • Elementary (grades 4-6)
    • Junior High (grades 7-8)
    • High School (grades 9-12)

Spring Sports

  • Girls Soccer
    • High School (grade 6-12)
  • Boys Golf
    • High School (grades 7-12)

Band and Vocal Music


Band and vocal music are academic classes as well as extracurricular activities. The extracurricular aspect of these classes include the two evening concerts that are performed and any other special performances  which may be arranged. 


Second grade History Fair play.

 The students at CHCS may publish a school annual. Advertisements will  pay for most of the cost but a charge per yearbook will be made. 

Financial Aid

First grade History Fair wax museum.

Financial aid is available. To apply, click on the link below.